Akshit Bhardwaj was born in New Delhi, the capital of India. Growing up in the midst of urban chaos, hot pot of different cultures and politics has given him a unique perspective on human psychology. This ideology can be sensed in his work, where the viewer is intrigued by the plasticity of a harmonic chaos which is stylistically expressed through clashing colors that emote the feeling of claustrophobia within the image. He moved to New York upon his graduation in Masters of Fine Arts in Photography from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. As a fashion photographer, he creates stories using a nonconformist approach while highlighting the fashion and styling elements. A vibrant, fearless, clean and graphic style has become the hallmark of his work.
His photographs have been featured numerous time at Vogue Italia (vogue.it) . His work has also embraced the covers of several international magazines and his fashion editorials have appeared in numerous fashion and photography publications including Elegant,Volant ,Dreamingless,Vigore ,Feroce and a dozen more magazines.